Fair access to quality medicine

Information which help paitents make the best decision about where they buy their medicine, such as the price, availabilty and quality, should be easily available to everyone no matter their geographical or economical status.

At WhereToMED we are passionate about breaking this barrier to improving access to good quality medicine for all.

By the community for the community

Our mission is to improve access to good quality medicine and healthcare across all African countries.

We aim to work closely with local services to create a long lasting solution that is holistic, sustainable and accessible to all patients regardless of economical status and geographical location.

Our vision is to be:

Africa's largest community-powered data and insight generator platform in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sector. Our values include:

  • Patient driven
  • Global collaboration
  • Ethical innovation


We are an award winning team with a passion for technology and access to healthcare in developing countries.

Kalema Aseke Founder

Ritchie Aseke linkedin

Founder & CEO

Biomedical Material Science BSc (Hons) & Physician Associate PgDip | Physician Associate with Graphics & Web Developer Experience

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Sheila Akinlabi

Sheila Akinlabi linkedin

Marketing & Digital Lead

Biomedical Science (Bsc) & Clinical Drug Development (Msc) | Senior Clinical Site Manager

Queen Mary Univery of London Brunel University London paraxel