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Earn money back every time you add your new prescription drug to WhereToMED's FREE community-powered medicine comparison service.

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Earning cashback is simple, and the information you contribute powers the medicine comparison service for the entire community.

1. New Medicine Information

Update your WhereToMED account every time you buy or start new prescription drug treatment.

2. Place of Purchase

Where did you buy your medicine from? This is a chance to give feedback and rate their service too.

3. Earn FREE cashback

When your MEDpocket reaches 5 cedis or more you can request cashback in mobile money.

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We believe in harnessing the collective power of the commmunity to create better access to good quality prescription drugs for all.

We achieve this through a:

  • Medicine comparison service
  • Cashback and discounts
  • Prescription drug information
  • Personal treatment log


A lot of people like yourself are excited by how WhereToMED will improve access to good quality medicine for their entire community.